The Beauty & Break

If you are in a hurry or on your lunch break this is a perfect way to introduce yourself to the beautiful aroma of Yonka products.

A plant based soft gel peel slightly exfoliates the skin, then a relaxing face, neck and decollete massage combined with a hydrating mask will refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

35-40 min.  $49


Thirst Quencher

If your skin is dry from too much sun, too much wind or too much stress, this is the perfect skin quencher to rehydrate you.

Deep, long lasting hydration for all skin types, all year-round.  It is specially designed for your dry skin and includes complete facial cleansing and extraction, personalized face, neck and decollete massage and two hydrating masks.

60 min. $80, also avialable in 90 min. $140


Deep Pore Cleansing

Let yourself experience unique double toning, double exfoliating facial with extractions, purifying mask and relaxing facial massage all tailored to your specific skin needs.

60 min. $80, also available in 90 min. $140


Fruit Passion

Resufacing, remarkably effective facial with fruit acid peel.  Very relaxing, fruity massage of face, neck and decollete mixed with amazing deep hydrating fruit mask.

Skin becomes instantly and visibly smoother without a hint of sensitivity.  Unveils a glowing complexion full of radiance.

90 min. $140


Advanced Optimizer

Plant based soft peel and active micro peel deeply exfoliate the skin.  Face, neck, decollete massage with hibiscus peptides serum, combined with an application of marine collagen lift mask hydrate and stimulate firming and lifting effects.  Skin is incredibly revitalized and graced with new firmness and resiliency.

90 min. $140


Man's Experience

Men's skin has a different structure and needs than woman's.  That's why you need this unique, specially designed and formulated treatment.

Be pampered with a complete therapeutic facial that will cleanse and relax you with earthy botanicals.  This is your own personalized men's treatment.

60 min. $80, also available in 90 min. $140


Back & Shoulder

Cusotmized for back skin needs.

This deep pore cleansing and hydrating treatment will keep your back looking healthy.

Soothing back, arms and scalp massage will relax your body and mind.

60 min. $88



The diamond microdermobrasion is a non-surgical way to refine, rejuvenate and soften the skin by the use of a diamond tipped wand and gentle vacuum. This procedure removes dead skin cells, reduces fine lines, stimulates circulation and collagen regeneration, improves elasticity and skin texture. Moderate use of Diamond Microdermobrasion combined with skin products helps replenish natural nutrients, restore cell activity and promote skin health.

After the treatment, the result is healthy, glowing and beautiful skin. Your first microdermobrasion treatment combined with a facial will give you incredible results. Your skin will benefits from two types of exfoliation, extraction, nourishing massage and a treatment mask.

Add on Microdermobrasion with a Facial $45
Per treatment $75
Cleansing, microdermobrasion, application of serum, nourishing mask, moisturizer, sun protector.

Series of treatments available and can be advised based on individual skin needs after first visit.

For options, check out our Specials.


Microcurrent ( Non-Surgical Lift )

This non-invasive treatment will reduce the signs of aging by strengthening, firming and toning slack muscles. Regular treatments will improve blood flow and increase the supply of vital nutrients, greatly improving the tone and quality of skin. Series of treatments advised with monthly visits thereafter.

Add on Microccurent with facial $55
Per treatment $85


Additionally, all my 90-minute facials are completed with special attention to eye area, and a face, neck and decollete massage.  They also include paraffin hands treatment and a hand and feet massage, followed by warm mittens and booties.


Eyebrow Wax $20
Lip Wax $12
Chin Wax $12
Bikini Wax $32
Brazilian Bikini Wax $45
First Time Brazilian Bikini Wax $55
Half Leg Wax $40
Full Leg Wax $60
Full Leg Wax with Bikini $80
Half Arm Wax $35
Full Arm Wax $45
Back Wax starts from $45
Eyelash Tint $25
Eyebrow Tint $20
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint $40